Learn How to Sing

Did you know that the majority of people in this world are able to sing in tune and even though they may not have the best tone, they can learn to sing well. Anybody can practice their singing to become better singers. And you can too!

In this article, I will give you some tips on how you can practice your singing with the goal of making you a better singer.

  • When you are singing, breathing is very important. You need to know when to take breaths to enable you to belt out lyrics.

To practice breathing, open your mouth slightly and then take a deep breathe in. When you take a breathe in, then  place the palm of your hand on your diaphragm. As you breath in, you are taking in air, so naturally, your diaphragm should get bigger since the air is filling up your lungs. And then when you breath out, you should feel your diaphragm moving in because the air is coming out of your body. This is how to breath  properly.

When you sing, at the end of every lyric or sentence, take a quick breathe in and then you will have enough breath to sing the next sentence/lyric. Breathing technique will help you learn to sing. This is because you are able to sing longer lyrics as you learn to breathe correctly. If you are a person that takes a breath after every few words or so, then you will benefit from learning to breathe properly. And soon, you will no longer need to take such frequent breaths when you are singing.

  • Before you practice singing, it is always a good idea to have a glass of warm water to moisten your throat and this will help to loosen your vocal chords. Try to avoid food like chocolate before you sing because the chocolate will coat your throat and this may irritate you when you sing.
  • Try warming up your voice before singing. Like a muscle, your vocal chords need to be warmed up. Try singing a scale from a low note and then slowly going higher. Then choose a high note and then go down the scale. Do this a few times to help warm up.

Another way to warm up is to press your lips together and breathe out a deep breathe. When you breathe out in this way, try to make a sharp shrill noise as you are breathing out. It should sound like you are imitating a whistle.

  • Another good way to help you learn to sing, is to sing a song and record yourself on a voice recorder. Then play back how you sound. This will enable you to critique your own singing. Do this frequently and then you can hear yourself improving.

Another way to practice and hear your voice is to try singing into a microphone. Maybe you have a karaoke machine at home or a DVD player that a microphone can be hooked up to. When you sing into a microphone, it picks up every sound as they are very sensitive. You might find that you sound better than you thought you did, all because the microphone can pick up sounds very clearly.

If you don’t have a microphone, then what you can do is sing in the bathroom. If you  have tiled walls, then you will sound even better because of the acoustics in the bathroom. It is almost like you can hear your echo. And just listen to yourself singing. You will find yourself sounding better. And this can help you gain your confidence and also help you to sing better as you adjust yourself when you are singing in a normal room. When singing in a normal room, you will be able to articulate your words as you are singing all because you learnt to sing in the bathroom and were able to hear the echo of your voice.

  • Of course, as mentioned before, practice really does make perfect. You will need to practice regularly if you want to see improvements in your voice. But it is possible. Most people improve their singing when they practice.

If you are like me, then you might find that you can’t reach high notes. But I have been able to improve my singing by practicing singing high notes. Over time as I have practiced, I have been able to hit those notes, a little at a time. And when you practice, you can do this too.

I hope that you have learnt a little about how to learn to sing and improve your singing voice and tone.

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