How To Improve Your Vocal Range

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How To Improve Your Vocal Range

Many people have the misconception that people are born with a specific vocal range. However, the truth is that you can vary your vocal range by using some proven techniques. I will give you an insight into these techniques below. And if you use these techniques on a daily basis, then you will be able to improve and extend your vocal range. Practicing these techniques regularly will enable you to slowly improve and then you will be able to sing those songs that you previously had trouble doing.


  • When you are practicing, try not to overextend yourself. If you can’t reach that high note, don’t push yourself otherwise you will be straining your voice and might even hurt your vocal range. You need to practice and give yourself time to gradually reach it.


  • Initially, when you are practicing and reaching for those high notes, then try to bend at the waist. This will help you improve your vocal range because bending will remove the tension from your body. This will then make it easier for the air to flow past your vocal chords. After practicing this technique for a while, then soon, you will be able to hit those notes without having to bend anymore.


  • For hitting those notes that are lower than your range, then I suggest that you don’t put your head down to reach the low notes which is something that many singers do. If you do this, then the air will not flow through your body properly which won’t allow you to reach those notes outside your vocal range. This will also apply to reaching high notes too. Always try to keep your head straight so air can flow.


  • Gradually practice with songs that are a little outside your range and then once you have mastered those songs, go onto the next song which is a little more further outside your range. You need to practice slowly and gradually which means choosing easier songs first and then slowly moving onto more challenging songs and songs that are in the next range.


  • Pay more attention to your tongue. If your tongue is twisted when you are singing, then your airways will get blocked and you will not be able to project your voice and your tone will be compromised also. Your tongue needs to be brought forward if you are going to hit those notes that are out of your range.

These are just a few of my strategies that can help you to expand your vocal range. Please remember to practice everyday and then you will notice considerable improvements gradually over time.

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