What Singing Means To Me

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What Singing Means To Me

My Singing Story

Ever since I can remember, from the moment I could talk, I have always loved singing.

When I was a young girl, my parents had some cassettes with all kinds of music from John Denver to ABBA. My sister and brother and I would always be in the living room dancing to the songs and singing along. I am sure we didn’t know exactly what the lyrics were but as a child, you make up words while you are singing. As long as it sounds like what is being sung.

Then when we started primary school, every now and then, our teachers would combine classes and teach us songs, namely nursery rhymes. I had a huge blast singing along with my teacher that was also playing the piano and teaching the whole class to sing.

Fast forward a few years to high school. It was during my high school years where I discovered musical theatre. The first few musicals that I discovered were Evita, Les Miserable, Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon.

For my 16th birthday, my sister bought me the Phantom of the Opera cassettes and song book. I would play this tape over over again to such a point that after a few months I knew all the words to the songs.

Now I am not saying that I am a professional singer or that I am great at singing. I do think that I can sing in tune if the song is in my range. I do have a “sweet” kind of voice but I do have trouble singing in the higher ranges. But that is ok because when I sing a song when I am at home, then I can change the key. I don’t have to sing along to the music. I can sing without the music and then by doing this I am able to sing in my key.

The Truth about Singing

A lot of people are misguided into thinking that you have to be born to be able to sing. But I have found in my experience that not everyone is born a good singer. I have a friend who I took to a karaoke club and I heard her sing for the first time. Now she was not an awful singer. She did manage to sing some songs in tune but she was adamant that she wanted to sound like me.

Practice Makes Perfect

So what did she do? She went ahead and practised singing in the privacy of her room. And about half a year later, she invited me to sing karaoke. When it was her turn to sing, I was blown away! She sounded very good and more confident than the last time that I heard her sing. So I knew from that moment that most people can improve their singing. If you want to sing in a range that is too high for your voice, all you should do is practice a little each day and you should see vast improvements over time.

I have a real passion for singing and music in general and on this site I will teach you and give you tips on how to sing. It is true that in most people, there is an ability to improve your singing and vocal range simply by practising.

I know how powerful singing a song is when you can relate to the lyrics of a song. You can sing a sad song when you are feeling down. Or you can sing a happy song to try to cheer yourself up. There are so many emotions related to singing and your mood will reflect what you are singing; whether you are singing aloud or in your head.

Have a Look Around this Site for Tips on How to Sing

Take a look around this site for useful hints on how to make singing an even easier task than some people give credit for.

I really hope that you find this information helpful. I will leave you with the lyrics from one of my favourite singers, Karen Carpenter.

“Sing…Sing a Song

Sing out loud, sing out strong..

Don’t worry that it’s not good enough

For anybody else to hear

Just sing…sing a song!”

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