Learning to Sing; Can Anybody do it?

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Learning to Sing; Can Anybody do it?

Almost Everyone has Sung a Song!

Can anybody learn to sing? Almost everyone has at some point in their lives, sung a song. Maybe they are driving and are singing along to a song on the radio, or are singing a jingle of an ad on TV. Maybe they have a young child and sing nursery rhymes to them when they are sleepy. I am sure that you would have sung a song in the past few weeks!

Singing is Important to People for Different Reasons

My point is, singing is important to people because of many things. Mainly, it is a form of expression. People might like to harmony of a song. Others might relate to the lyrics. And others might like to groove to the beat of a song. People sing because they are happy while some people sing because they are sad. Whatever the reason, singing is important to people because it makes you feel some type of emotion when they sing. But mostly people sing to be happy. It can be a source of relieving stress. Next time you are feeling a little stressed out, try humming one of your favourite tunes in your head or out loud. I can safely say that this will help you to calm down in a therapeutic way.

But Can Anybody Sing?

Just because people sing out loud or in the privacy of their own space, does that mean everyone is going to be a good singer? Well, I am sure that you know the answer to that. Not everyone will have a singing tone to rival the latest famous pop singer. But I can tell you right now that you can improve your singing and can learn to sing better. So in answer to your question, yes…you can learn to sing well.

It might surprise  you to learn that less than 1% of the world’s poplutaion is tone deaf. That means that most people can tell the difference to musical notes. So if you are not a strong singer, there is still hope for you.

What to do to Improve your Voice

When you learn singing, you have to warmup your vocal chords and little by little, day by day, you exercise those vocal chords and in a few months, you will notice a vast improvement  to your voice.

Take a Look Around this Site

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