Singorama Review

Welcome to my Singorama Review

Singorama is a course that teaches you the correct way to sing. Whether you are a new beginner or a seasoned singer, this course is adaptable and suitable for both. This Singorama review will explain why you need this course if you are serious about singing!

One of the co founders of the Singorama course is Australian female singer, Melanie Alexander. Melanie was in a famous Australian girl band group in the 90’s. So if you purchase this course you can be rest assured that you are learning from an expert. Melanie has made 7 albums, with 2 going Platinum and one going Gold.

Continue to read my review of this useful course, Singorama.

Who is this course suitable for?

If you are a newbie, you will learn good habits for singing to help you learn to sing correctly.

If you already have a basic knowledge of singing, this course will also be suitable for you since you can use the techniques shown in the course to improve upon what you already know.

Whether you need improvement on your tone, breathing technique, rhythm or vocal technique, this course can help you.

If you want help in maximising your vocal range by using proven techniques that are safe and won’t hurt your vocal chords, then this course will be useful.

If you want to increase your vocal range to hit that high note, then this course will help you as well.


This course previously cost over $100 USD. However, now, while I am writing this Singorama Review, for a limited time, the price of the entire Singorama course will cost you $67. But if you want this course to help you sing better, you must act fast!.

I know that for some of you, this is relatively a lot of money. But if you think about it, a lesson with a one on one coach can set you back about $20 to $50.

Also, if you take one on one lessons, the whole course will cost hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars. But the beauty about online lessons, especially the Singorama course is that it only costs you a flat fee of $67 and you get an entire course filled with 28 audio lessons.

So this cost is a bargain!

Click here to be taken to the official singorama site where you can purchase the singorama course.

What do you get when you pay for the course?

Once you have paid for the course, you will be given lifetime access at any time of the day to listen to and download audio lessons. There are officially 28 interactive audio lessons. These lessons are broken up into sections with each section devoted to helping you with a certain aspect of your singing.

Along with the audio lessons, you will get a mini recording studio software which enables you to record your voice when you singing. This is useful as you can play your voice back and you can listen to yourself singing. This will help you to notice what aspects of your voice needs improving.

You will also get a computer game that will let you train your ear to listen to different notes. By improving your listening skills, you can instantly recognize when a note is slightly off pitch or whether the note is on point.

There are also bonus vocal exercises that help you learn how to warm up your voice and how to practice your singing and strengthen your voice. Also how to extend your range properly without harming your vocal chords.

If you purchase the course today, you will receive 4 extra bonuses on top of your audio lessons. These are:

Bonus 1 : Vocal Warmups

This will show you how to gently warm up your voice so that you can sing powerfully without damaging your vocal chords.

Bonus 2 : Vocal Strengthening

These exercises will enable you to improve your singing tone, pitch and strength.

Bonus 3 : Range Extension Exercises

These exercises, if done correctly will increase and improve your vocal range. Over time and with practice, along with these bonus exercises, it will mean that you will be able to hit those top notes.

Bonus 4 : Interval Training for Singers

These techniques will let you have the ability to learn songs as well as to increase your musicality.

Singorama Course

Check out this amazing Singorama course and start your singing journey today!


It is easier to learn the course by doing one step at a time in the order that the course is set. If you miss a few audio lessons then it will be harder for you to achieve what you want to achieve. So I recommend that you follow the course from lesson 1 to lesson 28 in that order.

You will also get fast results if you put into practice what you have learnt everyday and you will develop good singing habits. You don’t have to go through a lesson a day. You might take one week to do one lesson. But however long you do the lesson, remember to at least practice your vocal warmups everyday to help you strengthen and improve your voice.

Last Words:

So now that I have given you my honest Singorama review, you now know a little bit more about the Singorama course. I strongly suggest that you check it out. You will get a lot of content as described above for a bargain price of just $67. But you must act fast, as this offer won’t last for long.

Check out Singorama here and start your singing journey today!

I hope that this Singorama review helped you to decide whether to buy this product or not.

If you buy the course and are not happy with it, you have a 60 day money back guarantee. This just shows how confident the founders of the course are about their course.

I also want to add that I receive a commission on every course that is bought through me. This will not cost you anything extra. This helps me to maintain this website to help people to have the courage to sing confidently and improve their singing. However, the review that I have given is an honest and frank one. For all those that purchase the course, my family and I thank you kindly for your support.