How to Practice Your Singing

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How to Practice Your Singing


Here in this article I will tell you how to practice singing. I have already explained in this website that you can improve your singing. You may not have the best voice in the world but you can always improve your singing substantially. This means that you have the ability to hit the high notes, hit the low notes, and improve your tone at the same time.


Below, I will outline some tips on how to practice your singing with the ultimate goal of improving your singing. I will give you tips on how to practice your singing.


There is only one word that comes with improving your voice and that is to practice, practice, practice. By doing this everyday, you will be able to see improvements in your singing. This will give you more confidence and maybe you can sing to your loved ones or publicly on stage!


So now here are my top tips that can help you to practice your singing.


  • When you are singing posture is very important. If your posture is not good, then your breathing technique will not be as good. Try it. Try sitting down and bend your body over. Then sing a short song. Then sit up straight and then sing the same song. You will probably notice that it was much easier to sing when you were sitting straight.

A good tip to help you control your posture is to imagine that there is a piece of rope going through your body and then out the top of your head. Imagine someone pulling you up with the rope and this will help you to keep the top half of your body straight.

Another way to help your posture is to lie down flat on the floor and practice singing that way. When you do this a few times, then when you stand up and sing, you will improve your posture which leads to an improvement in your singing which then helps you improve your singing.


  • Warm up your voice before each singing practice session. The best way to warm up your vocal chords is to sing scales. Go from low to high and then high to low again. Start slowly and then build up gradually. This will help to protect your vocal chords.


Another way to warm up is to press your lips together and blow out a single note with your lips. It will sound like you are blowing a whistle.


It also helps when you drink a glass of warm water before your practice session so that your throat will feel comfortable.


  • A great way to see where you need to improve and also to assess how you are doing, is to record yourself when you sing. Sing songs that you know you can sing first. Then challenge yourself by singings songs where some of the notes are a little beyond your reach. Then practice singing those challenging songs.


Do this frequently, preferably once everyday. After some days, you will see some improvements. When you are trying to reach a high note for the first time, it will most likely sound like you are belting out the note loudly and you may not be able to sing that note in tune. But don’t worry, just sing in a quiet room with the windows closed so you won’t feel afraid that people might hear you. After some practice sessions, you will be able to reach that note.


  • Try to connect emotionally with a song. I find that I enjoy singing when I put expression into the song. And it always sounds so much better when I sing as if I am living the lyrics of the song.


One way that I connect with a song is to use my voice softly and loudly. For example, if I am singing a ballad, I might sing the verse quietly and with soft emotion. And then in the chorus, I might lift my voice and sing some sections loudly. When people hear you singing in this way, it will sound genuine and that you really connect with the lyrics.


  • When you are practicing singing, it is important to keep challenging yourself. Find songs which are hard for you to sing. It might be hard for you to sing because it is out of your range. So find those sections in the song that you are having trouble with and then focus your practicing on those sections. You need to keep challenging yourself in these areas so that you keep improving. Then when you master these sections by constant practice, then you can find the next challenging section and practice there.


These are just a few tips that can help to practice your singing. Just remember that you can improve on your singing. A little practice everyday can hurtle you on to mastering a song. So please take the above advice and you will improve.

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