How to Warm Up Your Voice

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How to Warm Up Your Voice


Whether you are a seasoned and professional singer or a beginner, it is always important for you to warm up your voice. When I warm up my voice, it makes my singing better and easier. It is like an elastic band, the more you pull it, the more flexible it becomes.

The main reason why it is essential to warm up your voice before you sing is to avoid injuries to your vocal chords.

Here in this article, I will tell you my tips and tricks on how to warm up your voice.

  • Increase the temperature of your vocal chords. This means that if you do this, you will be able to control your muscles giving your voice the ability to hit those high notes. So a glass of lukewarm water taken a few minutes before you perform will be extremely beneficial.

I would also recommend that you put some honey in the water as well to help you to lubricate your vocal chords. This also means that your voice won’t be as prone to drying out or run the risk of your voice drying out.


  • Do stretching exercises. To do this, pretend you are yawning and open our mouth wide. Just imagine that you are fitting few fingers into your mouth. Do this yawning exercise about ten times before you sing and preferably before your vocal warm ups.


  • If you are feeling nervous or tense, then your body will not be able to sing well. You will need to relax. So take a few deep breaths and shake your arms and hands while shaking your head too. Feel the tenseness flow from your body as you shake them off. After doing this, I find that closing your eyes and just sitting down and “meditating” for a while just before your performance also helps with the nerves and makes you relaxed so that you can sing to your optimum level.


  • Humming also helps to warm up your voice. Do this for a few minutes and then run through your scales. Do your scales by humming first and then sing them. Start off slow and quiet and gradually get louder and increase your intensity as you run through your scales.


  • Do some “lip trill” exercises. To do this, blow out air and vibrate your lips. This will exercise your lips and also warm up your diaphragm so that you can sing easily


I hope that these five tips will help you to warm up your voice without injuring your vocal chords. Doing them every time before you sing will help you to sing easier and help you to hit those high notes.

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