How to Prevent Injury to Your Vocal Cords

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How to Prevent Injury to Your Vocal Cords

When you sing a lot and want to become better at it, it is important to know that you need to treat your vocal cords well. You need to become vigilant about protecting your vocal cords. After all, if you don’t look after your vocal cords well, then you won’t be able to sing to your optimum potential.

In this article, I will give you some tips that I use often to help to prevent injury to your vocal cords. These tips are easy to implement and take no time at all. You just need to incorporate these tips into your singing routine.

1) Always do warmup exercises especially when you are about to sing. Failure to do this might damage your vocal cords which is the last thing that you need. A few minutes of warm up before you sing can strengthen and keep your vocal cords healthy.

2) Just as warm ups are important before you sing, cool downs are important too. It is like people that run or jog for exercise. To prevent injury to their body, runners and joggers must do warm ups before they run as well as cool down stretches when they have completed their work out. And this routine of warm up exercises as well as cool down exercises are important in singing as well.

It is especially the case when you have been singing a long time or when you have been trying to stretch your notes.

3) Right before you sing, avoid drinking cold water. This is because cold, especially water with ice in it can actually make your vocal cords tense up. So I advise you to drink warm or room temperature water before you sing.

4) In your day to day life, avoid yelling or screaming at the top of your lungs. I have experienced that when I have spent a night with my friends in a club, dancing to music, I have experienced a sore throat when I come home. This is because the music is so loud in the club to the point where I have to literally shout in my friends ear when I want to say something to them. This just proves that yelling at the top of your lungs can damage your vocal cords. So in your day to day life, to prevent any damage to your vocal cords, then try not to shout.

5) When you are not singing, rest your voice. Try not to sing songs, especially challenging songs, everyday. Just like an athlete needs to rest their muscles, singers need to rest their vocal cords. You also should try to avoid whispering. This is because when you whisper, you are tensing up your vocal cords which might cause strain on them.

I hope that these tips can help you to take care of your vocal cords and to help you to prevent injury to them. Incorporate these tips into your life to keep your vocal cords at their optimum level.

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